Should Pig Farmers Wait for Lower Building Materials Prices?

It is always a wise idea to use patience when spending precious funds on improvements or upgrades. There are ideal times of year or seasons to sink capital into everything from new gear to new buildings. However, if you are holding off on improving your pig housing and buildings because you are sure building materials pricing will decline…you’re in for a long wait.

Trends over the past fifty years indicate steady and unending increases in materials costs. The latest data alone (from the Federation of Master Builders) is both discouraging and enlightening. In their data for 2018, they discovered that in the past calendar year almost everything has climbed by 6% or more. Here is just a selection of the increases they tracked:

  • Insulation increased by 16%
  • Bricks increased by 9%
  • Timber increased by 8%
  • Roof tiles increased by 8%
  • Windows increased by 7%
  • Blocks increased by 7%
  • Boilers increased by 7%

And it is not just pricing that is a problem. Wait times for key materials can be intolerable with both the FMB and key publications discovering that as “material prices are ‘rocketing'”, so too are wait times for items in shortest supply. Many firms wait for up to a year or more for bricks, and up to six months for some roofing supplies.

Even more astonishing is that many builders feel pressure enough that they pass some of the cost burdens on to their buyers or lose projects when they increase on original bid pricing. While the reasons behind escalating costs vary, with current spikes blamed on “the depreciation of sterling following the EU referendum still feeding through [and] High demand due to buoyant international markets could also be contributing to price increases.”

Fortunately, there are affordable, turnkey solutions for UK pig farmers via IDS Pigs, offering innovative solutions designed to provide years of cost-effective operations.


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