How to Choose Quality Pig Farm Ventilation Equipment

How to Choose Quality Pig Farm Ventilation Equipment

Pig housing is more than just a building where your herd eats and sleeps. It is an environment unto itself and it is responsible for protecting the animals in your care. As a UK pig farmer, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that your pigs have access to a safe, comfortable environment that does not increase physical, mental, or emotional stress. Pig farm ventilation plays an important role in achieving that goal. How do you ensure you’re choosing quality pig farm ventilation equipment?

Understanding the Purpose

First, we need to discuss the purpose of pig farm ventilation equipment. Temperature is only one goal. Really, it is more about bringing in fresh oxygen and forcing out or diluting contaminants, such as ammonia from urine, and carbon dioxide, as well as foul odours, as well as controlling moisture throughout the pig housing.

Three Options

Today’s UK pig farmers have access to three types of pig farm equipment – natural, mechanical, and combination. Natural ventilation is not suitable for large pig housing operations alone, as it does not force air through, but relies on the natural flow of hot air upward to create an updraft. Mechanical ventilation systems force air into the environment, while exhaust fans suck air out. Combination systems blend the two in order to achieve an optimum balance, deliver good performance, and reduce costs.


Today, most pig farms in the UK rely on at least some mechanical equipment, which means efficiency is important, not just for comfort to the animals, but also the cost to operate the machinery. Look for fans that are rated by independent labs for efficiency and energy consumption.


You want to ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible, so longevity and durability will be key considerations. Look for equipment that comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

At IDS, we can work with pig farms of all sizes to design and construct all aspects of pig housing, including reliable, high-efficiency ventilation systems that improve comfort and health for your animals while reducing costs. Call us today on +353 57 86 21224.

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