Is Now a Good Time to Become a Pig Farmer?

Is Now a Good Time to Become a Pig Farmer?

Pig farming is a time-honoured enterprise in the UK that dates back thousands of years. However, the industry certainly sees its ups and downs. For those considering this path, is now a good time to become a pig farmer? There’s a lot of uncertainty just at the moment, as May’s stepping down as PM and the lingering shadows of Brexit make it difficult to determine just how the pig industry will fare in the near future.

However, the truth is that pig farming is still a profitable venture, even though some traditional pig producers may not be seeing the same profits as their EU counterparts. One of the things that can help to make UK pig producers more profitable is to reduce costs in terms of production – shelter, raising, feeding, fattening, and the like.

Quality pig housing, custom designed for your unique application, and built to your unique needs, ensures that you are able to reduce overall costs while improving productivity. That improves profitability even in a market that might be seeing regular fluctuations.

At IDS, we specialise in working with pig farmers across the UK to create innovative solutions to their production needs. Whether your operation is small, medium, or large, we can create a pig housing solution to suit. Our housing systems are top of the line and ensure humane shelter for livestock combined with durability and ease of maintenance. Our feeding systems help to automate your operation while ensuring optimum nutrition for livestock, and our exhaust air pollution abatement technology helps to mitigate the environmental impact of pig farms without increasing your operating costs.

Yes, now is a good time to become a pig farmer. Custom pig housing, feeding systems, and advanced solutions for rearing and finishing help ensure you can compete even when UK pig producer profits are lower than on the continent.

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