What Are The Key Animal Welfare Guidelines For UK Pig Farmers?

What Are The Key Animal Welfare Guidelines For UK Pig Farmers?

All UK livestock producers must provide the animals in their care with a minimum level of care, shelter, food, and comfort, as wet forth by UK law. Understanding these rules and regulations is essential for UK pig farmers, not only to abide by the letter of the law, but to ensure humane treatment and a baseline quality of life for the animals they are raising. What are the key animal welfare guidelines for UK pig farmers?

The Five Freedoms

The so-called “five freedoms” are the basis for all animal welfare guidelines and speak to what UK pig farmers should strive to achieve when caring for their livestock. The five freedoms are:

· Freedom from hunger and thirst – In order to compassionately rear pigs, you must ensure they have access to appropriate feed and fresh water at all times. At IDS, we offer state-of-the-art feeding and watering systems that ensure not just compliance with the law, but compassionate care for pigs.

· Freedom from discomfort – Pigs must be provided with an appropriate environment, including shelter and an area for resting. IDS design custom pig housing that provides ample space and reliable shelter for livestock, while also being easy to clean and maintain.

· Freedom from pain, injury, or disease – Ventilation systems, along with appropriate veterinary care, help ensure compliance with this freedom.

· Freedom to express normal behaviour – Ample space within pig housing and specially designed areas allow pigs “to be pigs”.

· Freedom from fear and distress – Quality pig housing design and construction help avoid mental suffering and stress.

Compassionate care and improving animal welfare are possible with the right pig housing, feeding systems, floor systems, drinking systems, and ventilation systems. IDS can help. Contact us on +353 57 86 21224 to learn more.

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