Why In-House Steel Fabrication Matters For Pig Housing.

Why In-House Steel Fabrication Matters For Pig Housing.

Custom pig housing design and construction allows you to create the optimum environment for your herd based on your unique needs and requirements. Those range from farm topography to the area of Ireland in which you’re located. However, not all construction options are the same. When it comes to pig housing, in-house steel fabrication capabilities matter a great deal. Why is that?

Steel Quality

Perhaps the most important reason to ensure that the company you choose for pig housing construction offers in-house steel fabrication is for quality control. Some companies use high-quality steel that offers durability, strength, and longevity. However, some companies use inferior steel sourced from countries like China. The right UK pig housing designer will offer quality steel that stands the test of time.


In-house steel fabrication also ensures accountability with your construction partner. There is no one else they can shrug the blame off to – they’re solely responsible for the quality, design, and performance of your pig housing.

Speed of Communication

Yet another reason to seek out companies that offer in-house steel fabrication is the fact that communication is much faster and generally more accurate. You may need to communicate design changes, alternate grades of steel, or the use of additional types of metals in the construction, and the faster and more accurately you can do that, the better the outcome will be.

Quality Testing

Finally, with a construction partner that offers in-house steel fabrication, you also benefit from improved quality testing. Because the company is accountable directly to you, they will go the distance in ensuring that what they produce for you is up to standards.

At IDS, we have worked with UK pig farmers for many years to design and create pig housing, ventilation systems, feeding and watering systems, and more to their unique needs. We offer in-house steel fabrication, and always build to the highest possible standards. Learn more by contacting us today.

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