Refurbishment or Replacement of Pig Housing Equipment– How to Choose The Right Path.

Refurbishment or Replacement of Pig Housing Equipment– How to Choose The Right Path.

Pig housing equipment, including ventilation systems, feeding and watering systems, flooring systems, and more, help ensure that you are able to properly care for your animals while simultaneously providing the environment necessary for healthy development and weight gain. However, over time, your equipment ages. Even with proper maintenance, it will deteriorate, and you will eventually be faced with the decision to replace it or refurbish it. Which is the best option?

Get an Expert Opinion

There is really no one-size-fits-most solution here. For some pig farmers, refurbishment will be the right decision. For others, replacement is the better choice. Ideally, you’ll decide based on the opinion of an expert. At IDS, we can inspect your pig housing equipment and make recommendations based on your unique goals and needs, as well as the condition of your existing equipment and any potential changes you may predict in the near future.

Age and Condition

Another consideration, particularly if you decide to plod onward without hiring an expert, is to consider the age and condition of the pig housing equipment in question. Flooring systems, particularly older types made with inferior materials, suffer from a high degree of wear and tear and usually need to be replaced completely.

Ventilation systems, while they might be able to be refurbished and repaired, may never be able to achieve the operating efficiency and air moving capacity of newer equipment.

Feeding and watering systems, particularly those not manufactured from high-quality metals, can quickly deteriorate beyond the ability to be repaired and must be replaced, instead.

Carefully consider the age and condition of the equipment in question, compare it to the

benefits available with new pig housing equipment (not just the cost of buying new equipment) and then decide.

At IDS, we are your UK pig housing specialists. We are happy to provide our expert opinion on refurbishment or replacement and will work to custom design a solution that perfectly fits your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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