What to Know about the Pork Industry in 2020

What to Know about the Pork Industry in 2020

The latest news out of Pork Business magazine indicates that there will be a few “game-changers,” for the year 2020. They indicated that ASF was at the top of most producers’ minds when polled at the end of the year and that biosecurity rates highly in all corners of the industry and parts of the world. This was seen in such shifts as greater security protocols with delivery vehicles and visitors, but even notices and reminders at the holiday season that pork gifts should not be given to pork producers!

So, it comes as no surprise that “poll results showed 44% of respondents naming ASF as the biggest game-changer in the 2020 pork outlook.”

Next up in concerns about what will or won’t change the markets over the coming year were export opportunities. There is almost nothing in regard to big data that can help the average UK pork producer determine their export options. Late year results did indicate growth in both volume and market value, and it is anticipated that export demands will continue to climb for all segments but offal and, perhaps bacon, which both showed losses over 2019.

One innovation that is set to be a game-changer in 2020 is the use of a “risk management tool,” which includes strategic planning, data evaluation, and adapting to changes. As another report noted, “ take time as a business to evaluate (good or bad) your 2019 strategy and how it worked,” if it didn’t, find out where it failed and adjust. The biggest bit of advice from experts this year is to drive down costs by managing any risks associated with pricing volatility.

Naturally, that is an “easier said than done,” venture. It can begin with optimized housing that manages to reduce stressors, improve outcomes, and better facilitate management. At IDS Pigs, farmers are able to find housing solutions that keep pigs at optimal temperatures, fed according to schedule, and housed in roomier areas that improve growth and animal health. Ensuring you are cutting costs and risk is possible with premium pig housing.

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