Is your pig farm one for the future

Is your pig farm one for the future

Recent discoveries at the University of Pennsylvania, in the U.S., focused on modernizing pig farming. An article about it explained, the department tasked with the work has “spent years crafting and refining their swine unit at Penn with the aim of making pig farms more sustainable nationwide. Their ‘farm of the future,’ with humane conditions and efficient use of resources, stands to reshape the environmental and social impacts of raising swine.”

Yet, such phrases as humane conditions and efficient use of resources describe things any pork farmer in Ireland and the UK is already practicing. Does it mean that a UK pork farmer does NOT have to pay attention to those trends or innovations that might modernize operations? In a word: No.

Most are well aware of the need to keep biosecurity as a priority, and to know how to optimize such challenges as slurry management. The University of Pennsylvania study also noted:

  • Improving gestational stalls and feeding practices
  • Managing food and water to allow for higher quality food stocks
  • Alloting more space for pigs at all growth stages
  • Easier upscaling or expansion of farming operations with modular-style buildings
  • Ensuring optimal cleanliness and biosecurity in housing and feeding
  • Improving building design to allow for energy harvesting as well as optimal air quality

The University of Pennsylvania study also considered areas in which pork farmers are faced with finite resources, such as limited water supplies. They determined that it is only by offering individual farmers the controls needed that resources are best managed.

The team at IDS Pigs has known and addressed many of these issues for years. Emerging as an industry leader in pig housing over the past few decades, they provide farmers with bespoke solutions to their needs and budgets. With advanced gestational stalls and housing for any phase of growth, optimal food and water management, easier cleaning and sterilizing, and buildings capable of providing the cleanest air, they have been making the farms of tomorrow for over a decade.

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